Dallas Cowboys Super bowl victories


1996–Think about it. That was 16 years ago. For a football fan, 16 years is a long time to see their team in a Super Bowl, especially if you’re a loyal fan of the Dallas Cowboys. True, the team has racked up an impressive total of 8 Super Bowl appearances placing them alongside the Pittsburgh Steelers in that statistical category.


However, until the football Gods shine their faces back down on an additional Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl appearance, Cowboys fans everywhere will have to do what all football fans do at one time or another–cling to the memories of yesteryear.


SUPER BOWL XXXI: Cowboys vs. Steelers


This Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl appearance didn’t look back as they jumped to a quick 13 point lead. Three possessions were all that was needed for the Cowboys to score those first 13 points of the game. The Steelers managed to only come within a field goal of the rival, never taking the lead.


Aikman, Novacek, Smith, and Irvin were stars of this 1996 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl win.  The final score was 27-17.


SUPER BOWL XXVIII: Cowboys vs. Bills


The 1994 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl was all about the second half. Aside from scoring 24 points in the second half, the Cowboys managed to keep the Buffalo Bills to their halftime score of 13.


Emmitt Smith was a standout rusher for 132 yards and contributing two touch downs.  Harper, Murray, and Aikman made key contributions to this championship game, the second of two consecutive championships against the Bills. The final score: 30-13.


SUPER BOWL XXVII:  Cowboys vs. Bills


The Buffalo Bills took a beating from the Dallas Cowboys in 1993. How bad a beating you ask? A 52-17 beating.


The rushing of Emmitt Smith and the passing of Troy Aikman were the undoing of the Bills.  Smith had 108 yard rushing and four of Aikman’s passes were completed for touchdowns.  Other players were also key to this win likeHaley,Washington, and Novacek.


SUPER BOWL XII:  Cowboys vs. Broncos


The Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos have the distinction of being the first teams to play the Super Bowl under a dome as well as be the first teams to play the Super Bowl during television Prime Time.


The Cowboys took command of the game, never losing the lead. The Broncos were down 13-0 at the half and accepting defeat at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys with the final score of 27-10.


SUPER BOWL VI: Cowboys vs. Dolphins


The Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl win over the Miami Dolphins in 1972 was impressive. Miamisaw no touchdowns this game and were barely allowed on the board with a total of 3 points.


The Cowboys added insult to injury by holdingMiamito 185 yard rushing while racking up 252 yards and 24 points themselves resulting in the 24-3 Dallas Cowboys win.


The Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls have a long and strong history, but the memories of yesteryear get old and stale to fans that have been ready to make new memories. When will it be their year again?